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About Me

I am a musician/producer. As a musician/producer I am always looking to reinvent; taking things to the next level. Since the early 2000’s, I have been inventing and creating numerous ideas apart from music and producing. One of my top fashion-inventions is the “Coat-Brella.” A coat that has an attached storage pocket for the wet umbrella. When coming in from the rain, this coat and attached pocket will allow you to store your umbrella whenever you return home, arrive at the office or school, or when entering any store or facility, from the comfort of the pocket on the coat. This fashion-invention, and my love for God inspired me to create the brand now known as, G.O. Katheti. I am a designer and inventor who will be making waves in the invention as well as the fashion world.


About G.O. Katheti

Before finding my self-titled label, my understanding of who God is was enlightened. During this enlightenment G.O. (God Over) Katheti (Greek=Everything) brand was created. “God over Everything” is now the model of the brand. In addition to designing the “Coat-Brella” invention, we also create men and women comfortable and elegant pieces that accommodates the trending fashion world. The brand explores favorites among young and old, men and women who enjoy the classic and modern styles of clothing. G.O. Katheti will revolutionize the industry and inspire a whole generation of inventors and fashion designers. G.O. Katheti is looking to push the boundaries beyond the usual or typical standard.


“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you.” -Rаlрh Lаurеn.

"Change your mindset, Change your outcome."

3780 Kilroy Airport Way

Long Beach, Ca 90806

suite 200

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